Are we back to square one racism in the USA?


Are we back to square on racism in the USA?

Seems recently more and more in this country we are seeing a divide. People fighting and arguing, hating on each other due to Race, Culture, Religion. Will Americans go back to these day’s? Here is just one out of many stories that seem to prove we have as Americans made many steps forward but are now taking several steps back to unite.


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Racial threats at Quitman High School

QUITMAN, La. (KNOE 8 News)- Several parents are pulling their children out of school after one of them was handed a piece of paper with a disturbing drawing on it.

The images was of a “Ku Klux Klan” member pointing with the words “KKK wants you” written on it and this isn’t the first time this has happened.

We spoke with a Quitman High School student.

We’re not showing her face or telling you her name because of the racial motivated threats she’s been receiving at school.

“He was like I don’t like you, you ugly, I am going to beat you up, I don’t like black people” says one victim.

Gun motions, racial slurs, and racially charged hand outs have left Quitman High School parents like Willy Joseph fearful of what might happen to his children.

“This is not a drawing this is real” say Joseph.

Joseph pulled his four children out of school for the day Wednesday, along with another parent after school leaders learned of the threats.

“Is he being taught to hate black people to the point that he might come to the school and maybe do something with a weapon or something this is very serious” says Joseph.

We reached out to the school district for comment on the situation while they denied an on camera interview they offered us this statement saying in part the possession of illustrations like this clearly violates the school code and is unacceptable.

For parents not only does it concern them that this is going on but that the school hasn’t even contacted them.

” So I don’t know if I should let my child go to school because they haven’t clarified anything” says Joseph.

The district tells us they have investigated and taken appropriate action.

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United Americans & Solidarity Group


United Americans & Solidarity Group

United Americans & Solidarity Group

Our goal is to Unite and Encourage Solidarity as a people who stand in one hand by doing the following.

Providing a place that give several resources of movements and groups working as just people to better our country. and helping and supporting them in solidarity.

Joining in any marches or events that we our self organize or standing in Solidarity with others

.Bringing up & giving awareness to Issues and Topics that we or other American groups or organization are work on Internationally

Bringing awareness to topics and Issues people may not know about through people to people Correspondence, Networking, Social Media, Citizen Media or Independent Journalism. (Also bring aware what Main Stream is reporting).

Working as a Team with a common same goal to better American  current Topics and Issues and Global Topics and Issues that concern and effect Americans.

Brian storming, Organizing, and taking action on Issues that may arise where our voice is needed to make a change with results.

Working with People of other country’s with the same goals to unite. (Part of our Global Solidarity)

Our group also gives a platform for Americans and Others to come and have a Productive Discussion on many different topics and issues.

People standing together on American and International Issues & creating productive ways to make a change that ends with a results.

Encouraging a platform for people to come together in a peaceful productive way to work together for a common goal.

THIS GROUP DOES NOT ENDORSE ANY POLITICAL PARTY ( WE HOLD THEM ALL ACCOUNTABLE TO THE RIGHT THING FOR THE PEOPLE) However we respect the people of this group and their right to choose what party they support..

WE DO NOT DISCRIMINATE OR PROMOTE HATE againstRace, culture, gender, religion, origin. We also will not stand in Solidarity with any group or organization that does.

We do not censor this group and respect everyone’s Freedom of Speech. However violent content or threatening comments will not be tolerated in this group. We have the right to remove comments or people without notice if anyone goes over there basic right to express their thoughts.

United Americans & Solidarity Group